• TGN IoT Maker Night:

    An Inside Look at IoT & Hardware Startups

    Panel Discussion & Speaker Series

    4 Dec | 18:00 - 20:30 | TST


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    The Impact of IoT and Smart Hardwares

    Session(I) Panel Discussion

    6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

    The Internet of things, the term used to describe the use of sensors and other Internet-connected devices to track and control physical objects, opens up entirely new ways of doing business. It’s now possible to track individual components and products as they travel on ships, planes, or trucks. Sensors can weigh all of the parts in an inventory bin in a factory or all of the sweaters in a store’s stockroom, enabling new levels of supply-chain efficiency and inventory management.


    The Internet of Things has many implications for product designers in the manufacturing sector. The proliferation of connected objects and devices means that factors such as user interface design are becoming an integral part of product design. As a result, processes and procedures for industrial designers have also changed and evolved. Increasingly, interaction between designers and engineers on projects have become an important part of the design process.


    -How will these products obtain the data they need to operate?

    -How will the data these products create be used for other products?

    -What does this mean for products and mobile apps?

    -How will engineers keep track of this and how will operations stay efficient and productive?



    • Joyce Hsu | Partner, HardwarePro Accelerator
    • Sunny Wong | Co-founder, MVP Sailor
    • Michael Sung | Director, HKUST Innovation Centre
    • Josh Savage | Director of Manufacturing, Sphero  

    An Insider Look at Hardware Startups

    Session(II) Founder Speaker Series - 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

    When most people think of a Silicon Valley startup trying to make a hardware product -- a real, physical object instead of just an app or a website -- a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for some new gadget might be the first scenario that comes to mind.


    -That's not always a good thing.


    For years, hardware startups throughout the tech industry struggled in part because they're often shoehorned into a one-size-fits-all business model. The hardest hurdle was often the first: Any company hoping to manufacture hardware had to be well known, established and have a lot of money. That's no longer the case today. In the past two years, hardware experts, ranging from accelerators to supply chain experts and consultants, have come out of the woodwork. And they're all focused on helping small companies bring their gadgets to store shelves.


    Founder Speakers:

    • Glen Tseng | Founder of Iweecare
    • Yuki Liu | Founder of OSV Vechicle
    • Rex Sham | Founder of Insight Robotics
    • Lawrence Leung | Maker of 3D-Inno
    • 张傲 | Founder of Dgtle


    17:30-18:00 Product Demo Setup

    18:00-18:30 Product Exhibition

    18:30-19:15 Panel Discussion

    19:15-20:30 Founder Speaker Series



    Joyce Hsu | Partner, HardwarePro Accelerator

    Sunny Wong | Co-founder, MVP Sailor

    Yuki Liu | Founder of OSV Vechicle

    Grace | StartupGrind ShenZhen Chapter

    Qiyu | Operation Manager, Hax

    Michael Sung | Director, HKUST Innovation Centre(Moderator)


    Speaker Series:

    19:15-19:30 Rex Sham | Founder of Insight Robotics

    19:30-19:45 Glen Tseng | Founder of Iweecare

    19:45-20:00 Jimmy | N22

    20:00-20:15 Yuki Liu | Founder of OSV Vechicle

    20:15-20:30 Lawrence Leung | Maker of 3D-Inno

    20:30-20:45 張傲 | 數字尾巴

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